Condorcet voting in RDF

Only works in Firefox and similar browsers, sorry. You'll need to set the config option signed.applets.codebase_principal_support to true - if you don't know how to do that, you probably shouldn't mess with it.

This just calculates the results graph, and outputs it in RDF/Turtle, actually figuring out who the winner is is left as an exercise for the reader. I'm not offering any guarantees of correctness, it's a pretty simple implementation view the source to see how it's done, if you're worried.

To use this, you need a SPARQL endpoint (like and some ranked voting data in RDF, eg:

@prefix opt: <> .
@prefix : <> .

<p1> :vote [ :rank 1; :for opt:A ],
           [ :rank 2; :for opt:B ],
           [ :rank 3; :for opt:C ].
<p2> :vote [ :rank 1; :for opt:A ],
           [ :rank 2; :for opt:B ],
           [ :rank 3; :for opt:C ].
<p3> :vote [ :rank 1; :for opt:C ],
           [ :rank 2; :for opt:A ],
           [ :rank 3; :for opt:B ].

The data can either be loaded into the endpoint already, or passed using default-graph-uri if the "Vote data URI" field is filled out.

SPARQL endpoint:

Vote data URI: (optional)

– be patient, it can take ages if you use