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What is this?

This is a website for GPL'd (free software) audio plugins. At the moment the only ones here are for LADSPA, the Linux Audio Developers Plugin API.

These plugins were started in the mid 90s, when computing capabilities were very different! Lots of the concerns about processing time aren't really relevant anymore. Other that maintaninance I'm not actively developing them anymore, maybe someday in the future I'll have time again.

You can find information about downloading on the download page.

If you're looking for Windows versions...

Vaughan Johnson (from the audacity project) kindy added some windows compatibility code, to make it possible to build 3 of my plugins. However I have not run Windows for years, and I have no idea how to build plugins for it, so please dont mail me about it.



New release on github, 0.4.17. Bugfixes only.


New release on github, 0.4.16.

2014-07-07 (backdated)

The LADSPA plugins are on GitHub check there for updates and new releases.


My LV2 plugins are now hosted at github. Please contact me if you want write permission.


Patch by Tres Finocchiaro, which allows the LADSPA plugins to build on LLVM.


Not audio related, but I hacked out a quick Condorcet Method vote solver over the weekend. It takes vote data in RDF and works out who beat who, and outputs it in RDF/Turtle.


First public release of version 1.0.15 of my plugins ported to LV2. Builds OK on x86 Linux, but doesn't build on OSX Leopard (10.5) and doesn't install correctly on any version of OSX.


I've written a simple app that works around a bug in Apple's iCal which causes you to get a message saying that youve been invited to a meeting that doesn't include your email address, when it does. You can get the app here.

Nothing to do with audio plugins, but I had to link it from somewhere...


Sorry the site has been down for a while, I left my university job, and they were hosting the server with plugin.org.uk on it (among other things), and when it went down, I didn't have anyway of getting it back up.

Appologies to anyone who was trying to mail bug reports to either email address, they've probably gone to /dev/null. steve at plugin.org.uk should now be working again.


A build of 0.4.15 is now available for OSX, Intel and PPC. Thanks to Jesse Chappell and Taybin Rutkin for making that package.


New plugins release 0.4.15.

Fast Lookahead Limiter
fix an audible buf that caused the limiter to "pump" when it shouldn't. This plugin is used by Jamin, so all Jamin users should upgrade. Many thanks are due to Sampo Savolainen for identifying the problem and working out the fix.
All IIR filters
denomral fixes from Tim Blechmann.
SVF filter
possible denormal improvements.
Crossover distortion
added patch from Tim Blechmann that fixes a NaN-related bug.
Build system
patch from Anand Kumria to fix build options on x86_64 and popwerpc64


New plugins release 0.4.14. Changes are mostly compatability with gcc 4 and some minor bugfixes. No strong reason to upgrade if things are working fine for you.


New SWH Plugins release 0.4.13. Changes include removal of denormals from the SC4 and SC4 mono plugins, and the fast lookahead limiter. These changes are especially important for people running JAMin on Pentium 4's. There is also some mild quality imrpovements to the tape delay and FAD delay, but more needs to be done there.


New liblo release 0.16, this release has some bugfixes for systems with misconfigured networking, better handling of IPV6 OSC URLs, and a way to detect what the source port of an incoming message.


Plugins release 0.4.12. Bugfix to the compressors, fixes a problem that made SC4 appear to suffer from denormals and made SC1 unstable. Also added mono version of SC4 by Joel White.


Plugins release 0.4.11. This release fixes bugs in the reverse delay, flanger and multiband EQ. Two new plugins, and artifical latency plugin (mainly for testing) and a crossfader, thats not really tested. There is a new build system that should make it easier to port to other platforms, but may cause problems.


Plugins release 0.4.7. Fixes to the build system, should now build OK!

New plugin: Fast Lookahead Limiter, a 5ms attack, variable release time lookahead limiter, supceeds the previous ones - do not use them they had critical bugs.

Fixes to the "Pro-Logic" surround encoder from Prakash K. Cheemplavam


Plugins release 0.4.4. Fixes to build on recent gcc, new limiter for beter performance in JAMin, denomal fixes from Tim Blechmann. This release is largely untested, I released it because there are a number of important outstanding fixes.


Release 0.4.3. 8 new plugins and quite a few fixes.


Release 0.4.2. Stabalised experimental features, added several bugfixes and new filters from Alexander Ehlert. This one should now be more stable than the 0.3 series.

Release 0.4.0. Lots of experimental features. A lot of work has been done to the SCn compressors, so they may well work better now. If you are after stability then try the last 0.3 release.


Release 0.3.7. Lots of bugfixes, highly recommended upgrade.


New mini-app, JACK TimeMachine. You wire it into a JACK graph and it buffers up the last 10 seconds of audio, and starts writing it out when you hit record. It then catches up to realtime. The files it writes are timestamped, stereo 32 bit float WAV files. The parameters can be changed with a recompile.


Version 0.3.6 - Bugfixes. REALLY fixed UID problem. Sorry!


Version 0.3.5 - Bugfixes. Serious problems with UID clash, two other, milder problems fixed.


Version 0.3.4 - Bugfixes to GSM sim, FM, osc and audio divider, new compressor, limiter, delay and two flangers. Should now build on FreeBSD, RDF syntex error fix. See ChangeLog for details.


Version 0.3.3 - improved the sound quality and channel seperation on the old Bode shifter, added a new one with more control and added an AM pitch shifter.


Oh dear, I forgot to check in from all my cvs directories, so the UID fix never appeared! Sorry, here is a fixed version. To make up for it I have included a "Bode/Moog Frequency Shifter", a funky effect useful in synthesis.


New release, v0.3.1. Fixed bug in the analogue oscilator that was causing distortion, fixed bug were two different plugins had the same UID (erk!), added up-to-date RDF metadata. Now builds OK on PPC Linux. One new plugin, chebstortion a highly synthetic, but still interesting reactive distortion.


Long overdue plugins release, v0.3.0. New plugins: compressors (SC1-3), z-1 and a signal inverter. The last two probably aren't much use to most people, but come in handy. Also, the valve plugin has been optimised, as have a number of others. There are also sound quality improvements to the gong and plate reverb.


New version of Meterbridge. Some general improvements and a scope meter.


New release, v0.2.8, lots of new plugins, updated the FAQ with uptodate and completeish CPU use information. Worth downloading.

How to contact me

If you want to contact me about these plugins, you can ask questions via GitHub. Bug and sound quality reports welcome.