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If you want to compile from source you will need a LADSPA host, and the FFTW library installed, needed for the pitch (scale|shift)ers, EQ and Convolver.

If you only want to install the RPM's, all you need is something to run them in, all the exotic libraries are build in staticly.


The package is now autoconf'd so you should be able to do the normal ./configure; make; make install.

These plugins require the single precision version of FFTW, which is called 'fftw3f'. If you are compiling FFTW from source, be sure to configure it with '--enable-single' so that the single precision library 'libfftw3f.a' is built, instead of the default 'libfftw3.a'.

Problems you might have trying to use them:

These are ongoing uinstable releases so some of these may be buggy, or just plain not work. If you have any problems, please mail me.