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Why doesn't plugin foo work in applyplugin?

Applyplugin doesn't obey the LADSPA_RANGE hints (It's not reqired to). Several of my plugins are amplitude dependent and thye guess that the nominal 0dB of the system is +-1.0f (refer to arguments on the linux-audio-developers mailing list if you're confused). This is true for nearly every system except applyplugin.

Workaround: add "amp_1181.so amp -89" before the plugin you want to use adn "amp_1181.so amp +89" after, or, install ecasound - it has actual features too ;)

Update: the pre-release of the LADSPA 1.1 SDK fixes this problem, you should get a copy of that if you want to use applyplugin.

What licence are they available under?

The GNU General Public Licence.

Are they available for systems other than LADSPA?

Not that I know of, but there are LADSPA wrappers for pd, and possibly other systems.

What plugins have you written

Here is a list of the plugins that I have working to date.

Listed next to them is the amount of CPU power they take when running, and the number of PIII cycles they use per sample. Those aren't particularly wonderful CPU usage measurments, but its really hard to get anything accurate and meaningful. Expect it to vary from machine to machine a lot anyway.

The name of each effect is linked to what documentation I have for it. The documentation is viewable as PDF and HTML.

UIDNamePIII MHzCycles /
1895Allpass delay line, noninterpolating1.635
1896Allpass delay line, linear interpolation1.226
1897Allpass delay line, cubic spline interpolation3.478
1433AM pitchshifter6.6150
1181Simple amplifier0.23
1416Analogue Oscillator??????
1893Glame Bandpass Analog Filter1.125
1892Glame Bandpass Filter13.9315
1431Bode frequency shifter26.9610
1432Bode frequency shifter (CV)29.8675
1902Glame Butterworth X-over Filter1.432
1903GLAME Butterworth Lowpass1.125
1904GLAME Butterworth Highpass1.125
1430Chebyshev distortion10.1229
1190Comb Filter6.5148
1889Comb delay line, noninterpolating1.328
1887Comb delay line, linear interpolation1.226
1888Comb delay line, cubic spline interpolation3.170
1411Comb Splitter6.4145
1404Crossover distortion1.330
1207DC Offset Remover0.511
1886Exponential signal decay0.13
1898Simple delay line, noninterpolating1.227
1899Simple delay line, linear interpolation0.716
1900Simple delay line, cubic spline interpolation2.863
1185Diode Processor0.612
1186Audio Divider (Suboctave Generator)2.556
1901DJ EQ7.8177
1438DJ flanger??????
1403Dyson compressor45.31028
1192Fractionally Addressed Delay Line11.5259
1415FM Oscillator7.7175
1213Foldover distortion0.614
1196Fast overdrive1.637
1418Frequency tracker1.023
1922Stereo Gate4.193
1437Giant flange??????
1424Gong model60.51371
1439Gong beater1.637
1215GSM simulator87.41981
1413Hard Limiter18.8425
1220Harmonic generator2.353
1200Hermes Filter36.6830
1890Glame Highpass Filter7.5170
1440Hilbert transformer19.0429
1199Impulse convolver159.83622
1885Nonbandlimited single-sample impulses (Frequency: Control)??????
1436L/C/R Delay7.8176
1435Lookahead limiter13.6308
1906Lookahead limiter (fixed latency)14.4325
1891Glame Lowpass Filter7.5170
1421Matrix: MS to Stereo0.511
1422Matrix Spatialiser1.226
1420Matrix: Stereo to MS0.716
1197Multiband EQ19.7447
1419Modulatable delay5.2116
1201Multivoice Chorus19.7446
1894Mag's Notch Filter14.8334
1217LFO Phaser13.8312
12184 x 4 pole allpass9.4212
1219Auto phaser5.9133
1193Pitch Scaler1864.642280
1194Higher Quality Pitch Scaler8201.1185966
1423Plate reverb40.9927
1417Rate shifter3.886
1208Retro Flanger35.0793
1605Reverse Delay (5s max)4.090
1188Ringmod with two inputs0.36
1189Ringmod with LFO7.4167
1408Barry's Satan Maximiser2.045
1187Wave shaper7.6173
1210Signal sifter24.9565
1881Sine + cosine oscillator??????
1203Single band parametric1.329
1198Sinus wavewrapper4.294
1414Smooth Decimator2.863
1406Mono to Stereo splitter0.35
1212Step Demuxer??????
1401Surround matrix encoder??????
1214State Variable Filter6.5147
1211Tape Delay Simulation26.6602
1206Transient mangler10.2232
1204Triple band parametric with shelves6.4145
1209Valve saturation7.4168
1405Valve rectifier9.8222
1905VyNil (Vinyl Effect)22.3504
1412Wave Terrain Oscillator0.817

How to contact me

If you want to contact me about these plugins, the best bet is through the LADSPA or LV2 github pages.